Vacation crime prevention – How not become a target.

It’s known that sophisticated organised criminal gangs in Europe operate around airport arrivals using what we call in the industry a “spotter method” or someone looking to “pick up the eye ball”.  A spotter is a person that is part of a criminal group tasked to provide information via a forward advance, to help pick […]

Hiring a Bodyguard or Private Security – What to look for?

      Here are a few quick important notes to consider when hiring a bodyguard or private security services at home or when traveling abroad.   Company registration: Check the company is registered and check the directors or its founding directors’ details against its current ownership. Websites can easily be cloned; criminals will go […]

Natural Surveillance – Residential Security

Natural Surveillance Europe has experienced a spike in summer seasonal burglaries on luxury residential villas and real estates, international criminal gangs really have been getting away with day light robbery in some of the worlds most exclusive destinations: So how can you do more to secure your own areas in locations where local police forces do […]

This is the soul reason why Private Security Ibiza ltd created the VIP chaperone.

  “We at Private Security Ibiza ltd understand that not all VIP clients prefer to have a bodyguard or close protection operator accompany them whilst they are on their holiday”.   This is the soul reason why Private Security Ibiza ltd created the VIP chaperone. Designed to deliver security peace of mind in the lowest […]

5 Top Basic personal security tips when renting a private villa abroad.

So it’s your job to choose the destination and prepare the private event abroad, whether it be marriages, engagements or that big birthday bash! Security is the last thing on your mind to consider, you’re never going to factor in your own additional security measures, why would you, you’re selecting a beautiful villa in a […]

Ibiza celebrity chaperone & VIP Personal assistance.

  Private Security Ibiza VIP chaperones guarantee to ensure that the most prestige Ibiza experience is delivered whilst understanding the need for discreetness and client confidentiality, holding a duty of care to enhance all clients safety and security at all times.   A single VIP chaperone can cover a range of duties including organising your […]

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