Here are a few quick important notes to consider when hiring a bodyguard or private security services at home or when traveling abroad.


  1. Company registration: Check the company is registered and check the directors or its founding directors’ details against its current ownership. Websites can easily be cloned; criminals will go to extreme lengths to collect your personal details. Open forum and public domain checks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will take you just a few minutes, when checking the social media platforms, look for professionalism and realism.
  2. License to operate: Security operators including Close Protection and Bodyguards require a license to operate in their chosen profession to obtain this they will pass accredited course, trauma and first aid qualifications with a clean criminal record is also required to obtain license such as the Escolta Privado (Spain) and Security industry Authority SIA (U.K).
  3. Who are we/About us? Check the company’s personal profiles, whether you’re dealing with one of the largest security companies in the world or a small specialist organisation, security is about trust and transparency and all companies should put their faces to names, so top tip if you don’t know, don’t go!
  4. One official website: Beware of Phishing websites, it is well known that criminals use fake websites to collect data, it is not uncommon for criminals to pose as Private security firms, registered security companies usually always have official website, so be aware of clones!
  5. Military or Government Training: Many former military or government trained personnel become private bodyguards and security managers after their service years. This is because transferable skills such physical fitness, weapons training, unarmed combat, security command and control are all skills used in the private security sector. Stolen valour as they call it in the United States or Walter Mitty in the U.K means a fake soldier/veteran, the security sector often attracts this type of character who will make up stories in order to fabricate their careers and gain an advantage in front of potential clients. Security companies also use this technique when marketing their service, showing off the calibre of their people is common practice but in turn a security company should be fully transparent to their clients and not use this as an excuse to stay in the dark, or hide away its people, it is important not to fall for smoke and mirror strategies.
  6. Company Reviews. Just like any other business, security companies can gather reviews and recommendations, check for Facebook business pages or google reviews.
  7. Background checks: When you have chosen your security provider remember to ask for the operators details such as Security license, Passport details, Driver’s license. You wouldn’t hire a personal assistant or a cleaner in your home without doing your own background checks do not let your standards slip because it’s a security company.

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Colin Eastaway,

Founding Director

Private Security Ibiza Ltd,

Former British Paratrooper &

Special Forces Group Team Leader.

Colin Eastaway Private Security Ibiza director. VIP.DiplomaticProtection

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