Executive Close protection and bodyguards teams at Private Security Ibiza are highly experienced at handling corporate and VIP corporate groups. Protecting high profile sports personnel, foreign royalty, celebrity clients, families and individuals. Hiring one of our teams or even a single operator to attend a trip or private event will significantly enhance the security and risk management process.

Providing protection, logistic support and peace of mind, the PSI team are experts in the secure ground transportation field, delivering bespoke services perfectly aligned to each and every assignment.


Our multi-lingual team of close protection operators include former members of world famous military units. Bringing specialist training into the private security sector, adapting key skills into front line protective security measures.

Listening carefully to any special requirements and working closely with them to deliver a unique, fully tailored security solution. Our team members all hold internationally recognised qualifications in private security, advanced driving and covert protection.  All of our staff are advanced medically qualified in first aid and emergency care, all our vehicles carry important first aid and nlifesaving equipment.

At PSI, we deliver all forms of personal bodyguard and executive close protection services including front line high profile protection, covert, discreet, celebrity and VIP family protection.


Private Security Ibiza Bodyguard chaperone PSI 2019


Our team members are fully vetted, including advanced criminal record and background checks, we specialists in recruiting professionals who have mastered the art of immersing themselves into their client’s lives. Demonstrating the ability to solve problems before they evolve, mitigating potential security situations that would potentially escalate in the absence professional control. 

We can also offer advice and assistance when traveling to major events or foreign destinations including security advance and threat and risk reports.

With an impressive global network of security assets, coupled with extensive high-level access and intelligence capability, we offer all our clients comprehensive business travel safety and security solutions. 

To inquire about any of these services you can contact the Private Security Ibiza team today.

here: info@privatesecurityibiza.com


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