Medical Coverage Solutions


Our professional’s all hold the international recognised advanced medical qualifications and skills accredited by the royal collage of surgeons, qualifications such as emergency medical technician intermediate, paramedic, TIER 2 medics, also the medic in remote area qualification.







First Aid Response


All our security operators are all qualified and our vehicles contain first aid medical equipment that includes automated external defibrillators(AED) for a immediate response cover to sudden cardiac arrests (SCA).  An electric shock from a AED can restore the heart’s normal rhythm if done within minutes of the onset of SCA.  This vital bit of equipment saves life’s if in the correct hands immediately following in the incident. All of our professionals are highly qualified in advanced first aid, we provide our clients with assistance that is expertly aligned to your individual needs. Our specialist medics have over 1000 hours of clinical time providing current experienced knowledge in emergency equipment and medicine.








We able to provide collaborative solutions for private families,
 we are also highly trained and experienced in leisure, high risk extreme outdoor activities and adventure travel.  These medical qualifications allow all of our private operatives to be able to take control of situations such as:



  • Scene Safety and mechanism of injury
  • Airway Management
  • Cardio-Pulmonary resuscitation
  • Cardiac Arrest Management.
  • Defibrillation and administration of oxygen
  • Administer emergency medicine’s.
  • Breathing assessment and support
  • Bleeding and Haemorrhage control
  • Extremity Trauma management
  • Basic Head Injury management
  • Medical emergencies
  • Heat illnesses





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