Mr Colin J.Eastaway


Private Security Ibiza ltd –  Founder


Since leaving the U.K Special Forces support group in 2010 Colin has provided celebrity close protection and specialist security consultancy services on an international front. A highly experienced professional who has managed operations in both high and low risk areas. Colin brings his military U.K Special Forces skills, precision planning and his attention to detail into the private sector, adapting techniques perfectly inline with todays threat and risks.Colin Eastaway Private Security Ibiza director. VIP.DiplomaticProtection

Regulated by the U.K home office, Colin is fully qualified and licensed in front line close protection officer, a Military working dog handler, international security consultancy and emergency medical first aid response. As the Managing director of Private Security Ibiza limited, Colin has takes regimented attention to detail and believes that it is instrumental to the company that he play’s a key roll in assignments, in his spare time he serves as a reservist soldier with Military Working Dog Squadron as military dog handler. Email: COLIN EASTAWAY here.


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Amber Private Security Ibiza, childcare, Female Security - Female Bodygaurd

After high demand for Female security operators and childcare specialists in 2020 we have stepped up our management team, Private Security Ibiza limited are proud to present our new families director. Amber is qualified to Level 6 early childhood care and education and is also licensed with the Security industry authority(SIA) at the U.K home office.  Amber carries eight years experience in the protection of children at young ages, she has played football at  professional level with English league clubs, enjoys horse riding, has excellent communication skills, self defence training, a high level of situation and security awareness. Amber brings a low profile and discreet security asset to the Private security Ibiza limited team.







Damon left the armed forces in 2010 after serving 9 years in the U.K special forces group and Parachute A fully licensed international close protection officer and highly qualified medic. Damon provides specialised security services to Private Security Ibiza limited clients worldwide. Damon is also an unarmed defence instructor and a father of two who enjoys spending time with his family in the south of England.









Alex Private Security Ibiza

Alex has provided private services to a wide range of international clients and is multi-lingual speaking Spanish, English, Bulgarian and Russian. Alex is an highly experienced security assistant who provides services on an international front for Private Security Ibiza Ltd clients.









Lee - Private Security Ibiza



Former Paratrooper and U.K special forces soldier who has operated as a close protection specailist in High and Low risk areas, Lee has 7 years of experience in working with high profile clientele, most recently he stared as one of the elite military training instructors in the TV program Special Forces Hell week.












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