Traveling Consultant 


Our consultants are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can work with the principle the moment they arrive at the airport for departure until they arrive back safely on their return and can work autonomously or as part of a team depending on their principal’s needs. We welcome high profile and high-net worth individuals, private family’s and entrepreneurs who often require a traveling security consultant to manage their personal security when traveling to foreign destinations.





Personal Assistant.


Duties of a Personal assistant can include many of the following:

Coordinating complex travel itineraries

Chartering private jets and luxury yachts

Overseeing finances, organising events, making reservations

Liaising with family members and schools, child protection and running general errands

Our personal assistant’s are all internationally qualified in first aid, vetted including criminal record checked. All Private security Ibiza personal assistants are flexible and adaptable to change, hardworking and have the ability to use their initiative and make important decision’s under pressure and of course highly discreet.


Please contact us here for a free initial travel security consultation or call for a more immediate response +442037135944.