We deploy and manage consultants who conduct risk and security reviews, threat assessments, audits and protective security assignments on an international front. Providing discreet services for high profile celebrity personalities and high-net worth individuals, private family’s and entrepreneurs who often require a consultant to manage their personal security and offer advice when traveling to major events or foreign destinations.


With an impressive global network of security assets, coupled with extensive high-level access and intelligence capability, we offer all our clients comprehensive global business travel safety and VIP security solutions.







Personal Assistant 


Private Security Ibiza Limited will help you hire a Traveling PA who will: Anticipate needs and take the initiative. When you need a Traveling PA who can work independently to address your needs. We specialise in recruiting Traveling PAs who have mastered the art of immersing themselves into their principals’ lives, demonstrating the ability to solve problems before they start and migrate security situations that could escalate in the absence of control.

Demonstrate outstanding communication and time management skills. Your Traveling Personal Assistant will act as your diplomat, handling your correspondence, calendar and meetings with skill and expertise. Your Traveling PA can also arrange your travel and accommodations, manage competing schedules and priorities.

Demonstrate common sense and discretion at all times. Maintaining confidentiality while always putting your needs first are two of the skills you can expect when you choose a Traveling PA from Private Security Ibiza Limited.

Qualifications and vetting. Our personal assistant’s are also internationally qualified in first aid, fully vetted including criminal record checked. All Private security Ibiza limited personal assistants are flexible and adaptable to change, understanding the need for discretion and confidentiality they are hardworking and have the ability to use their initiative making important decision’s under pressure.



Private Security Consultant



Physical Penetration Testing 


We also provide Penetration Testing for a number of UHNW individuals and Corporate clients. Penetration testing is the pre-planned and agreed infiltration and simulated attack, targeted against secure locations and individuals. The Tests are conducted in order to highlight existing weaknesses that exist within current security protocols. We test the integrity of staff and associated contractors and analyse the security risks to key individuals. Our Tests examine the following:

• Access Control
• Employee integrity
• Integrity of business information
• Integrity of personal information
• Employee integrity
• Security guards and front of house personnel
• Contractors and board rooms

• Routine & lifestyle patterns of key personnel



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