VIP Security & Close Protection


Our international close protection teams guarantee safety, security, confidentiality and discretion at all times, listening to the principle’s requirements and working closely with them to deliver a unique tailored security solution for each assignment. Highly experienced in assisting high profile individuals from professional sports, private business, diplomatic, celebrity and entertainment sectors. Providing professional services that include bespoke executive close protection and elite bodyguard services on an international front.








Emergency Planning 


Providing security operational planning and emergency contingency plans in a discreet and non-abrasive manner, our international operators are highly experienced in areas such as, emergency first aid, emergency evacuation procedures, surveillance awareness, country risk and threat assessments.


Hiring one of our teams or even a single officer to attend your trip or private event will reduce and control all potential risks. In addition to close protection our professionals offer security advice, liaison and coordination, we have supported many international travellers delivering comprehensive security consultancy from the moment the traveller arrives in country until their return flight is safely in the air.




PSI CloseProtection




International Security Operators


Hand-picked for their key skills gained from specialist security backgrounds including, former British Special Forces groups and elite international security organisations. Private security Ibiza limited personnel hold internationally recognised qualifications in front line close protection, security consultancy, crisis management and medical response.

Our specialists carry licenses that include the security industry authority(SIA) license registered at the UK home office, for more information please visit the home office website. All of our personnel are advanced medically qualified carrying important lifesaving equipment on board each vehicle and are accredited by the royal college of surgeons. Whilst many companies claim these qualities and attributes, not all can deliver in the way that Private security Ibiza limited do.








Statement by Private Security Ibiza ltd.

Private Security Ibiza Ltd holds client confidentiality paramount to the success of all missions before, during and after the completion phase.  At no time will the company display any form of profile exposure on any platform.

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