Yacht Security


Our security officers work closely with yacht captain’s ensuring the security of the yacht and its crew at all times. During port or marina visits our security officers provide a discreet professional service and will meet any request on the owners itinerary whilst protecting the yacht from theft and vandalism.


Our officers are trained in Port facilities security with an excellent understanding of the international ship and port facilities code(ISPS). All our officers are also trained ship security officers (SSO) with distinguished years of experience in the Royal navy commando’s, U.K Special forces groups and the international private maritime security sector.








Highlighting any security measures that should be taken by the yacht and crew prior to the arrival of owners and guests. Whether you require yacht asset protection or VIP protection, Private security Ibiza limited can deliver a bespoke package tailored to your specific needs. All our operators are highly experienced in protecting high profile individuals from professional sports, business, diplomatic and entertainment sectors. We guarantee complete discretion and confidentiality at all times.




PSI luxury-ibiza



Ensuring your private clients enjoy their visit ashore in complete confidence by providing risk mitigation and contingency planning techniques in a manner that is non abrasive, discreet and low profile. All our professionals are advanced medically qualified in first aid holding a duty of care in the event of any emergency.



VIP Concierge Services


We strive to cover every detail leaving you to relax and enjoy the island that little bit more, facilitating elite concierge service’s to private yacht owners. Providing a first class hospitality and trustworthy single point of contact for all lifestyle services in Ibiza. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in the maritime security industry and in doing so providing you with an all round second to non VIP concierge service.







Event Management


Our team hold decades of experience in Ibiza event management, understanding the need for discreetness, privacy and client confidentiality at all times. Holding a duty of care to enhance all clients and their guests safety, security and well-being, whilst ensuring the most prestige Ibiza experience is delivered through the coordination of our extensive island connections.


A single Private Security Ibiza limited assistant can cover a range of duties including, VIP chaperone, liaison or adviser and your elite lifestyle concierge facilitator. To speak with a member of the team please contact us here.





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