Private Security Ibiza Provide bespoke security service’s to marine yacht owners and their guests, our team are also trained in Port facilities security with an excellent understanding of the international ship and port facilities code, carrying distinguished years of experience in maritime operations in the British Special Forces Groups including, SAS, SFSG, Royal Marine Commando’s, parachute regiment and the international private maritime security sector. At Private Security Ibiza Limited is is our mission to protect all our client’s rights to privacy and confidentiality at all times and to ensure that at no time will any sensitive information be revealed to any third party under any circumstances.
Private Security Ibiza offer chaperones designed to deliver security peace of mind in the lowest form of profile, professional and discreet operatives blending in with the group whilst taking step back to observe assets and personnel. On call to assist with any altercations and defuse any situation the guests may face when traveling around the island. Our team of professionals are highly connected at all major venues and ensure that the most prestige experience is delivered, whilst understanding the need for discreetness and client confidentiality.

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Our team are there to ensure the most prestige Ibiza experience is delivered whilst understanding the need for discreetness and client confidentiality. Holding a duty of care to enhance all clients and their guest’s safety, security and wellbeing at all times, covering a range of duties including facilitating luxury transport, booking restaurant reservations & exclusive nightclub VIP tables. Delivering a first class hospitality and trustworthy single point of contact for all luxury lifestyle services in Ibiza. Our team are highly experienced in privately assisting VIP individuals from professional sports, business, foreign royalty, diplomatic and entertainment sectors, we strive to cover every detail leaving guests to relax and enjoy the island that little bit more.


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Our professionals can also work closely with the yacht captain to ensure the security of the yacht and the protection of its guests. During port or marina visits our security officers can provide a discreet professional service and will meet any request to protect the yacht from theft and vandalism. Whether the requirement is for yacht asset protection, gangway security or VIP close protection we will align and deliver a bespoke package tailored to the specific needs.




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At Private Security Ibiza we guarantee complete discretion and confidentiality at all times, ensuring all private clients enjoy their visit ashore in complete confidence, providing risk mitigation and contingency planning techniques in a manner that is non abrasive and discreet. All our professionals are advanced medically qualified in first aid holding a duty of care in the event of any emergency. To speak with a member of the team please contact us here.






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