Villa security services 

Delivering professionals that include residential security teams, real estate perimeter roaming patrols and VIP asset protection on an international front. Providing fully licensed and thoroughly screened operators that include professionals from former British Special Forces groups and other international global security networks. Our professionals are trained to work alone or as part of a team, supported by our 24 hour operations team protecting you and your family from unwelcome visitor’s. To support our operations on the ground Private Security Ibiza management ensure that each site is regularly visited by senior staff who listen to any specific client requirements, each operator or team is then supported with a detailed set of site procedures and instructions tailored to each location.



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Residential Security

These types of physical security services are usually integrated with existing security systems or counter measures including, intruder alarms, canine security, motion lighting, family safe rooms and close circuit television (CCTV). Hiring just one of our professionals or a bespoke security team will provide extra security advantages including, a physical protection presence, various forms of onsite communication, threat deterrence, threat detection and a 24 hour on site point of contact.


Security Consulting.

Our team of specialist’s are also experts in delivering security reviews, consulting and delivering penetration testing for real estate owners that include ultra high net worth individuals, high profile celebrities, private businesses and many corporate clients. The tests are conducted in order to highlight existing weaknesses that exist within the current security protocols.

Our tests examine the following:

• Access Control
• Employee integrity
• Existing alarm systems and reaction times of suppliers
• Integrity of business and personal information
• Permiter fencing and security lighting efficiency
• Security guards and front of house personnel
• Contractors

• Routine & lifestyle patterns of key personnel that could have an impact on the overall security of premises.

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“We are not simply a provider of people, we empower our workforce through education,

Training and 24-hour management support.”



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