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Private security Ibiza limited offer static security guard’s, night watch men, perimeter roaming patrols and asset protection services. Using fully licensed and thoroughly screened operators that include professionals from former British Special Forces groups and international specialist security backgrounds. To support our officers on site we ensure that each site is regularly visited by Senior Management and that regular audit and assessment on site takes place whilst listening to any specific client requirements. Each team is supported with a detailed set of site procedures and instructions tailored to the location.


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These types of physical security services are usually integrated with existing security systems including, intruder alarms, canine security, motion lighting, family safe rooms and close circuit television (CCTV) providing the ultimate security defence.


Hiring just one of our professionals or a bespoke security team will provide extra security advantages including, a physical family protection presence, various forms of onsite communication, threat deterrence, threat detection and a physical early threat warning system.



“We are not simply a provider of people, we empower our workforce through education,

Training and 24-hour management support.”




The Security Threat to Luxury Holiday homes and Rented Villas 


Statistics show that unfortunately high profile crime on villa’s, luxury homes and holiday properties is evolving and international criminal gangs are establishing new-sophisticated methods to attack private premises. Threats including a burglary with physical assault or even the kidnap whilst robbery takes place method are also becoming more common.




Private Security Consultant



Security Surveys & Audits


Through a thorough survey or audit we will present a realistic and holistic analysis of your current security strengths and weaknesses, giving prioritised recommendations on realistic and best-practice mitigation measures. We provide advice on design, physical and procedural measures, personnel, technical systems and IT implications.


We will review the handling of information and test security defences in areas such as the following.


  1. History of security issues at the site
    Physical and operational vulnerabilities
    Access control – locks, doors
  2. Staff identification
    Intrusion detection
    CCTV and related surveillance technologies
    Fire alarms and fire safety procedures
    Secure storage of valuable property
    Visitor control procedures
    General staff




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