Discreet security chaperone’s at Private Security Ibiza are experts at VIP handling, this service is designed to deliver security peace of mind in a low profile form, professional and discreet operatives who blend in with the VIP group whilst taking step back to observe all group members and their assets or key individuals. Always on point to assist with potential altercations, on point to detect, deter or defuse situations that guests may face when traveling around the island. Our team of professionals are highly connected at all major venues and will ensure that the most prestige experience is delivered, whilst understanding the need for discreetness and client confidentiality. Whether your trip is for business, pleasure or simply to relax, our chaperones will ensure a trouble free passing.  After a resent surge in demand for female and low-profile family security officers that included childcare specialists, Private security Ibiza ltdd now offer a more diverse and wider skill set, including, Female VIP security chaperones and childcare specialists, view our team members page for more information.



Private Security Ibiza Limited Celebrity Bodyguard - Security Chaperones




A single Private Security Ibiza VIP chaperone can cover a range of duties including, high profile celebrity handling, our chaperones will ensure that the most prestige experience is delivered whilst understanding the need for discreetness and client confidentiality at all times. At Private Security Ibiza Ltd it is our mission to protect all our client’s rights to privacy and confidentiality at all times and to ensure that at no time will any sensitive information be revealed to any third party under any circumstances. All our chaperones are also fully vetted to a high standard inline with international private security company standards.

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